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Failing to Sale is failing to progress with sustainable business. People are recruited to sell based on certain qualifications. However, when they fail to deliver the expected results, feel sorry and worried.

Why do your sales executives perform less? Studies reveal many interesting reasons.

  • Lack of confidence to meet clients
  • Lack of motivation to go the extra mile
  • Personality complexity
  • Lack of gratitude to the facility where they are working
  • Lack of awareness of the brand
  • Lack of selling skills
  • Job dissatisfaction is due to various reasons.

How do you gain the maximum out of the people who run your selling function? The Sales Leadership Training & Coaching program help to achieve the below essential changes to become Sales Leaders.

  • To inculcate business values and a productive mindset.
  • To train & coach the ‘Secrets’ of winning sales.
  • To improve the communication skills to attract and retain the customers.
  • To enhance self-confidence to meet customers of different personalities, cultural backgrounds and needs.

If you are interested in this program and would like to organize it for your team, please Book a Discovery Session to know more about the program.



Dr Mohamed Nismy Rafiudeen is the CEO of Leaders’ Mind Global Consultancy and has more than 20 years of experience as a Coach, Trainer & Consultant. He has shared his knowledge with thousands of people including Students, Teachers, Youths, Parents, and Professionals of numerous nationalities. Many businesses and community organizations have benefited from his expertise.

He is a Civil Engineer by profession, with over a decade of experience in the Oil & Gas industry in senior positions. In addition to B.Sc. And M.Sc. Degree in Engineering., he also holds MBA (UK) and MA (IOU). He has successfully completed his PhD in “Identification of Talents for Effective Human Resource Utilization” at the University of Malaya (UM). Currently, He is an Elite Lecturer at UM.

These multi-disciplinary qualifications, empower him to train and consult professionals and businesses of assorted backgrounds. His speciality is in the field of sustainable Human Resources Development. Furthermore, he is an expert in Strategic Planning, Business Continuity, Enterprise & Risk Management, Business Performance and Project Planning.

He has helped thousands of people through training and coaching programs. Many from different nationalities and different walks of life like students, teachers, youths, parents, and professionals have immensely benefitted from his expertise.

He has successfully coached people one-on-one to achieve their personal and professional goals which vary from leadership development & career enhancement to losing weight.


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