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Sustainable Human Resource Development

Achieve sustainable development by understanding and utilizing the people around you according to the innate skills they were born with.  


Everyone has unique built-in potentials, which could be capitalized through effective consultation to become a Global-Mind.

A Global-Mind is one who recognizes & utilizes his/her built-in potential to demonstrate extraordinary performance in their profession to achieve a successful life, enriched with Universal Values.

At Leaders Mind Global, we employ all the best possible techniques to identify your potentials and readiness to facilitate your development road map with solid measures.

We specialize in providing Management Consultancy services including Coaching and Training. We empower people and businesses to achieve sustainable development through optimal use of their innate potential.

We envision a productive work culture in which leaders and professionals thrive and are committed to achieving excellence.

Our firm belief that “Will to good change is the way to success”, motivates us to leave no stone unturned in ensuring success of our clients.

Looking to create a breakthrough and move up the ladder? Let’s discuss.

People spend a lot of effort, time, and money to learn and develop new skills.

But very few benefit from them.

Personal development should begin with the innate skills that you were blessed with when you were born.


A Global-Mind is a person who recognizes & utilizes his/her built-in potential to demonstrate Extraordinary Performance in business and to achieve a successful life, enriched with Universal Values.


Every person is unique and is blessed with full of potential. Success eludes many because they fail to identify and tap into their potential. Our result-oriented coaching model uses a practical and tested approach to empower you to discover the ability you have to set meaningful goals and solve problems in your life.


Training does not stop with just imparting beneficial knowledge rather it should go beyond to enable to apply the valuable knowledge you gained from the training program. Our training programs focus equally on both knowledge dissemination and its application to set up the participants for success.


Our hands-on and consultative approach puts us in a great position to understand the precise needs of our clients and empower them to discover their strengths and potential and align them to achieve sustainable growth. Our consulting model specializes in providing our clients with a sense of direction and measurable goals through strategic planning.

Meet Our

Expert Team

Successful training delivery depends on more than one factor, and one of the significant factors is the competency of the Trainers. Our team consists of trainers and consultants who are qualified in their field and possessing with wide-ranging experience. They have delivered training, coaching, and consultancy services to multi-national & diverse cultural audiences.

Abe Brown

Abe Brown

International Training Consultant

Abe has spent the last 25+ years in leadership, business management, non-profit management and coaching roles, helping people and organizations achieve their goals and reach new heights.

Mike Patterson

Mike Patterson

International Trainer and Consultant

Mike is an international business consultant, successful marketing strategist, performance improvement & business growth specialist.

Ralph Moody

Ralph Moody

International Training Consultant

Ralph is an international training consultant with expertise in development, design, delivery and management of bespoke training programmes and soft skill fields.

Claire Moody

Claire Moody

International Training Consultant

Claire has over 35 years’ experience in training, coaching and quality assurance roles, with experience as working with international clients.

Dr. Rayes Musthafa

Dr. Rayes Musthafa

International Training Consultant

Dr Rayes Musthafa is an expert in coaching on parenting and family relationships. He is a speaker, author and trainer of wisdom parenting.

Dr. Ismath Ramzy

Dr. Ismath Ramzy

International Training Consultant

Ramzy is an expert in training on Research Methodology. He is a successful researcher and currently working as Senior Lecturer at University of Malaya, Malaysia.

Rila Mohamed (Sri Lanka)

I participated Strategic Leadership program. It was a one-on-one session with the resource person. This program changed my personal as well as professional life.

Abled me to understand myself and others as per the inherent nature. I shaped my career path accordingly.

I feel this as a privilege and gift from the almighty upon me. I urge everyone to follow these programs and taste the success in their life.

Rila Mohamed (Sri Lanka)

Financial professional, Automobile industry, Sri Lanka.

M T Jawsy (UK)

I participated in the Strategic Leadership program. The program was helped to bring some key changes in my life.

I realized I am a multi-skilled person, so I am able to work in many different areas at the same time. I was highly impressed with the way the session was conducted.

I would highly recommend this program to any individuals in the cooperative as well as social services sectors. This program will help you identify your hidden potentials that you were not aware of or not focusing on all this time.

M.T. Jawsy

Professional Interpreter , Ministry of Justice Assignments UK

Mohamed Shuraik (Bahrain)

The program, “Who am I?” was an excellent opportunity to discover myself in terms of strengths
& weaknesses, communication style, and how to work with others successfully.

I strongly recommend this training for
everyone. It is a great opportunity to understand ourselves and to accept others.

Since it was a
one-on-one coaching session; you have the opportunity to interact with the Coach 100%. I found
that the Coach had in-depth research on this subject, and delivered confidently.

Mohamed Shuraik (Bahrain)

Engineering Professional, Oil and Gas industry, Bahrain.

Hazim Hamza

Leadership Development consultancy was an excellent opportunity to sharpen my leadership skills. It helped to know what type of leadership and capacity required at different situations.

The programme also helped in identifying gaps between work and family life and how we could balance the both lives for a successful living.

It was excellent opportunity for someone to sharpen their skills and be productive as an individual, a team member and a head of a family.

Hazim Hamza (Qatar)

Finance professional, Telecommunications Industry, Qatar

Jeelani Khan

Coach Mohamed Nismy possesses every quality you’d expect in a great coach. He is extremely patient and demonstrates exceptional mastery of the coaching concepts.

What really stands out is the genuine care he exhibited throughout our coaching sessions. He is very approachable and is always willing to go the extra mile to help you. Right after a few coaching sessions with him, I developed lot of clarity about my goals and approach towards them.

His sessions have immensely helped me accentuate my strengths and mitigate my weaknesses. I am very fortunated to have found myself a coach like Coach Mohame Nismy.

Jeelani Khan

COO & Co-Founder, Succeed Technologies Pvt. Ltd, India


All the functions at Leaders’ Mind Global Consultancy are governed by a set of values to assure better experience to stakeholders and to generate revenue. We expect all our team members to adhere to these values.

Time Consciousness

We maintain professional relationships with our clients and other stakeholders to meet business requirements and goals.


We are authentic in our all activities. We use authentic information in our business communications and services:


We give credit to those who deserve it and where it is due. We maintain a trustworthy relationship with our stakeholders.


We maintain professional relationships with our clients and other stakeholders to meet business requirements and goals.


We always apply honest and ethical approaches to deliver our services and to achieve our goals.


We respect the differences among people and provide them with the right opportunities that they deserve to deliver the best outcome.