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Mike Patterson

Business Growth Strategist

S.A.C.Dip. | F.I.Diag.E | BSc Mech Eng. | Business Consultant | Award Winning Speaker | Author | Influencer

Mike Patterson is recognized as a Successful Business Growth Strategist/ Revenue Performance Improvement & Business Growth Specialist.

Mike has worked with more than 50,000 individuals, in 1,500 businesses and corporations across the MENA Region, in 40+ industries and sub-industries, helping them Find, Identify and Implement Innovative & Lucrative new income-generating activities leading to a doubling and redoubling of Revenues and Profitability.

He has worked with Construction | Transport | Utilities | Retail | Banking Insurance | Oil & Gas | Telecommunications | Education | Police | Hospitality and many more.

With his unique combination of High Calber, Hands-on expertise, combined with first-hand knowledge of business processes, he is able to offer combined strategic solutions that energizes the leadership and promotes organisational change.

His areas of expertise include: Strategy & Growth Development, Business & Marketing Operations, Business Planning, Advanced Customer Management, Corporate Communications, Marketing Operations, People Development, Planning and Performance Management, Productivity & Time Management, Sales & Sales Strategy.